27 February 2014

Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn criticizes Western "usury" for supporting Ukrainian democracy

The Greek Golden Dawn, Europe's most extreme neo-Nazi party represented in a national parliament, has issued a statement criticising "the international usury of Washington and Berlin" for their "direct involvement" in the developments in Ukraine:
The Golden Dawn condemns the direct involvement of the US and the EU in a sovereign country which undoubtedly leads to bloodshed and civil war. The wretched Greek leadership headed by Venizelos does not say a word about the deadly risk of the Hellenism and Orthodoxy in Ukraine that is already manifested by the violent attacks against our compatriots.

Americans, Germans and Zionists, who are hitting nationalism of peoples in every corner of Europe , with the first objective being Greece and the Golden Dawn, are now cooperating directly with the Nazi party in Ukraine, because it serves their geostrategic goals. The People's Association [Golden Dawn] supports holding free elections, in which people will decide the future of their country, rather than the ravens of international usury of Washington and Berlin.
Nikolaos Michaloliakos, now imprisoned leader of the Golden Dawn, with his followers

All the Nazis lie, and, obviously, the Golden Dawn's statement contains no word of truth. Yet why have they issued this statement? The answer is simple: very much like Italian fascists or Hungarian extreme right Jobbik, the Golden Dawn supports the realignment of their country from the democratic West to authoritarian Russia. Here's a quote from the political programme of the Golden Dawn:

Geostrategical turn: It is required to immediately reverse our geopolitical orientation and re-examine our alliances, that have contributed nothing to our national interests. We should turn, for investments and energy at first, to Russia. A trade and defensive agreement with the Russians would rid our country from the deadly "call to arms" from the USA and their allies. From the fatal summer of 1974 and until the Imia crisis of 1996, our Homeland has suffered huge losses from the backstage activities of the American Zionists. A drastic turn of our geopolitical orientation and openness to the Russian factor, that currently is 100% blocked from the Hellenic space, would be a move favoring our national interests.
It is thus not surprising why, in its statement on Ukraine, the Golden Dawn is using the same language as the Russian authorities do. Make no mistake: today, democratic Ukraine is on the frontline of the struggle against fascism and authoritarianism, and this is precisely why the extreme right in Europe and Russia is trying to discredit the Ukrainian state.

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  1. Нет ничего странного и необычного в позиции греческих ультраправых из Золотого рассвета. Схожу позицию заняла и Марин Ле Пен. Похоже, только такого рода политические силы и являются основными союзниками Кремля в Европе. То есть не просто националисты, а националисты с ультраконсервативной программой. Именно такую в настоящее время пытаются насадить в России.


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