25 March 2013

Right-Wing Populism in Europe: Politics and Discourse

Right-Wing Populism in Europe: Politics and Discourse
Editors: Ruth Wodak, Majid KhosraviNik, Brigitte Mral

Published: 28 March 2013
Extent: 368 p.
ISBN: 9781780933443
Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic

Right-wing populist movements and related political parties are gaining ground in many EU member states. This unique, interdisciplinary book provides an overall picture of the dynamics and development of these parties across Europe and beyond. Combining theory with in-depth case studies, it offers a comparative analysis of the policies and rhetoric of existing and emerging parties including the British BNP, the Hungarian Jobbik and the Danish Folkeparti.

The case studies qualitatively and quantitatively analyse right-wing populist groups in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Britain, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, Ukraine, Estonia, and Latvia, with one essay exclusively focused on the US.

This timely and socially relevant collection will be essential reading for scholars, students and practitioners wanting to understand the recent rise of populist right wing parties at local, countrywide and regional levels in Europe, and beyond.

18 March 2013

Ukrainian neo-Nazis use Russian pirated software

This is what happens when Ukrainian neo-Nazis use the Russian pirated content management system DataLife Engine for their web-site. A screenshot from the "Manifest of the Third Position" -

Piss poor.


12 March 2013

Radykalna prawica na Ukrainie

My short comment on the Ukrainian extreme right for the Polish political and cultural weekly Kultura Liberalna:

„Okiełznać wszystkie obce grupy etniczno-rasowe”? Radykalna prawica na Ukrainie
Anton Shekhovtsov

Od początku istnienia nowego parlamentu w końcu 2012 roku posłowie „Swobody” dowiedli, że są najmniej aktywni w przygotowywaniu projektów ustaw, za to najchętniej biorą udział w asystowaniu Janukowiczowi i obecnemu rządowi w procesie oddalania społeczeństwa ukraińskiego od fundamentalnych wartości, jakimi kieruje się Unia Europejska.