28 September 2010

Who Makes the Nazis?

This blog is highly recommended -

Who Makes the Nazis?
Keeping an eye on the neo-fascists burrowing their way into a subculture near you
Who Makes the Nazis? is a site focused on the fascist presence in various 'transgressive' (by their own estimation) musical subcultures. The claim is that at the fringes of these milieus, ideas about the sanctity of art and the irresponsibility and fundamental 'amorality' of the artist provide perfect cover behind which fascist and pro-fascist ideologues are allowed to spread their ideas. Currently these cultures include 'post-industrial', 'martial', 'neo-folk', 'apocalyptic folk' and 'darkwave', among others. It is not a matter of condemning these subcultures, which in fact contain many non-fascist, liberal, socialist, anti-fascist, etc., supporters, but rather of drawing a clear line between the fascists and non-fascists within them by showing the latter the nature and extent of the problem, in the hope that they will themselves marginalise and ultimately reject fascist participation in their 'scene'.

(Just in case you don't know: "Who Makes the Nazis?" is a title of one of the Fall's songs.)