8 March 2014

Growing opposition to Russian Eurasianism even from the European New Right

It is hardly surprising that even some European New Right activists (not to be confused with the party-political far right) slowly start recognising the threat of Eurasianism to Europe.

Markus Willinger:
This interview with Alexander Dugin shows us, that Russia wants, what America has. European vasalls, which follow its interest. But what do we Europeans want? Is all we can do to stand up against Washington to become then vasalls of Moskow? Or will we find the courage to form an independent europe? A Europe of fatherlands.
Troy Southgate:
I support neither FEMEN nor the organised homosexual lobby, both of which have their own agendae, but I do find it rather telling that some Russians accuse their neighbours of being 'fascistic' yet applaud the fact that activists with dissenting opinions are beaten in the streets. Not to mention the fact that Ukrainians in areas containing a high percentage of Russian-speakers are also being viciously attacked. People like Dugin can whine all they like about 'fascism', but it is perfectly clear to see which set of people are really acting like neo-fascist thugs. It is to be hoped that the long-suffering Russian people will rise up and consign this oppressive regime to the dustbin of history.


  1. anton I have a simple question for you. Do you support the idea of an Independant United Ireland free of great britain? Yes or No?


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