30 March 2014

Moscow's friendship with the European far right testifies to the Kremlin's slave mentality

Why did the Kremlin invited European far right "monitors" to "observe" the Crimean "referendum" via its puppet Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections (EODE) led by neo-Nazi Luc Michel?

Obviously, European right-wing extremists are natural allies of Russia's current president Vladimir Putin who is increasingly - and rightfully - perceived as a far right politician. But why did Moscow invite European rather than South American or Asian or African "monitors"? After all, the majority of the countries that voted against the UN resolution, which declared the Crimean "referendum" invalid, - Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe - are coming from the non-European parts of the world. The overwhelming majority of the countries which abstained from or did not take part in the vote are also non-European.

The truth is that the Kremlin needed to legitimise its invasion in the Crimea, but, in Putin's infinitely racist, far right view, South American, Asian or African "observers" cannot provide legitimacy to the Kremlin's actions. Putin needs white, European people to say "Yes" to his criminal, fascistoid gamble. South American, Asian or African pro-Russian voices are fine for the Kremlin in the virtual world of the UN, but Putin despises them in the real world - they mean nothing to him.

Yet this is not only about Putin's racist worldview as such. By hating the "White West" and at the same time relying on it for the justification of its own actions, the Kremlin reveals its slave mentality. Putin is behaving like a slave who loathes his "racial masters", but is unable to do anything without their consent.

One example.

Does anyone think that Yelena Mizulina, Russian politician who was instrumental in promoting the laws that banned adoption of Russian orphan children by LGBT couples and US citizens (see the notorious Dima Yakovlev Law) - thus depriving many of the Russian children of a happy life, acted without the approval of the White Europeans? No, her (and Putin's) slave mentality demanded it.

When on the 13th of June, 2013, Mizulina chaired the Committee for Family, Women and Children Issues in the Russian Parliament, she was urged to invite five properly White Experts to endorse her perverse social conservative moves. The following "experts" took part in the panel session chaired by Mizulina:
  • François Legrier, president of the right-wing Catholic Movement of Families (Mouvement Catholique des Familles).
  • Aymeric Chauprade, top member of the radical right-wing National Front and advisor to Marine Le Pen on international issues.
  • Hugues Revel, president of Catholics in Campaign (Catholiques en Campagne).
  • Odile Téqui.
  • Brian Brown, president of the US-based anti-gay organisation National Organization for Marriage.
Members of Russian fascist organisation "Rus" (Russia) demonstrate against a gay pride march in Moscow. Photograph: Alexey Sazonov/AFP/Getty

Miranda Blue, writing for the Right-Wing Watch, reveals more details on these experts:
The French delegation was led by Fabrice Sorlin, head of the far-right nationalist group Dies Irae, which is named after a liturgical poem about the Day of Judgment and has been accused of racist and anti-Semitic behavior and, according to Box Turtle Bulletin, “had been working to create autonomous militias in France under the inspiration of American white nationalist Luther Pierce’s conspiracy-laden novel The Turner Diaries.” [...] Sorlin is also a former candidate for the far-right Front National party, and chair of a group called Alliance France-Europe Russia, which is dedicated to forging a “strong connection between Europe and Russia” and uniting “the Anglo-Saxon world” against the emerging economies of China and India based, in part, on shared “Christian values.” The project of building a stronger alliance with Russia is a project held dear by the French far-right.
After these experts left Russia, Putin - who had, thus, been granted their approval - "signed a bill that sharply limited the adoption of Russian children by people from countries that allow same-sex marriage".


  1. Belarus is a European Country sandwiched between Russia and Poland

  2. Extremists fed by Russian government.


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