3 June 2017

Help needed: Moscow-based Sova Centre is declared a "foreign agent" and fined

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Moscow-based Sova Centre, which conducts top-notch research on nationalism and racism in Russia, needs our help.

The Centre has been forcibly declared a "foreign agent" in Russia and fined 300 thousand roubles (appr. € 4,717) for not willingly registering as a "foreign agent". They are now crowd-funding to pay the fine and continue their important work.

I have been cooperating with the Sova Centre since 2007, and I know them as consummate professionals and honorable people. I wrote and translated articles for them, and co-authored the Russian-language book "Radical Russian Nationalism" published by Sova in 2009. The overwhelming majority of their published books are available for free online. Their books are an absolute must for any serious researcher of the Russian far right.

If you are willing to help, you can find information on how you can do this here or here.

Details for donations:

Name of the payee: ROO Tsentr SOVA
Address -
Street: Armyanskiy pereulok 9
Postcode: 101000
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation

Account No.: 40703840700010865184
Bank: UniCredit Bank
Purpose of payment: Targeted donation for paying the fine

Correspondent bank, or interbank, for payments in USD:

Account No.: 40703840700010865184
Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank

Correspondent bank
, or interbank, for payments in EUR:

Account No.: 40703978300010865184
Bank: UniCredit Bank AG

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