31 August 2014

Please help to identify participants of the Yalta conference

I need help in identifying participants of the international conference "Russia, Ukraine, New Russia: global problems and challenges" that took place on 29-31 August 2014 in Yalta, situated in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea currently occupied by Russia.

I have already identified* a few people but many are still unknown to me. I will also be grateful for additional pictures of people taken at the conference.

* Thanks to friends, colleagues and commentators, more names are now added.
Photo 1: (left to right) XXX, Aleksey Anpilogov, Yegor Kvasnyuk

Photo 2: Yegor Kvsnyuk

Photo 3: (front row) XXX, Tatiana Karatsouba Seid-Burkhan, XXX, Yegor Kvasnyuk. Who else is there?

Photo 4: (left to right) Aleksey Mozgovoy, Pyotr Getsko, Kirill Frolov

Photo 5: (left to right) Maksim Shevchenko, Sergey Glazyev, Aleksey Mozgovoy, Aleksey Anpilogov

Photo 6: Yegor Kholmogorov

Photo 7: Front row: Tatiana Karatsouba Seid-Burkhan, XXX, Yegor Kvasnyuk, Andrey Kovalenko, Erkki Johan Bäckman. Who else is there?

Photo 8: I see Israel Shamir (second from the left). Who else is there?

Photo 9: Tatiana Karatsouba Seid-Burkhan, XXX

Photo 10: I see Kirill Frolov and Yegor Kholmogorov. Who else is there?

Photo 11: The man in a blue shirt is Roberto Fiore; who is the black shirt? The man in a red shirt is Yuriy Pershikov.

Photo 12: (far right) Yuri Kofner. Who else?

Photo 13

Photo 14: Front row: Oleg Rodivilov, Aleksandr Svistunov. Who else is there?

Photo 15: (left to right) Alena Berezovskaya, XXX
Photo 16: Roberto Fiore, Yuriy Pershikov, Oleg Rodivilov, Aleksandr Svistunov, Kirill Frolov. Who else is there?
Photo 17: (left to right) Luc Michel, XXX


  1. the guy on 4 photo is Piotr Getsko vk.com/id43659575

  2. Photo No2 - Egor Kvasnyuk, son of Grigoriy Kvasnyuk, Odessa.

  3. Photo No 3-first row, first from the right Kvasnyuk Egor also.

  4. http://www.workersliberty.org/story/2014/07/23/popular-front-russian-nationalism

    1. Thanks for the link, but this is a different conference.

    2. Here is our report on the second conference

      What's your assessment of the "continuity" between the two conferences? It seems like they are the same people but the second time they got rid of the decorative leftists (Kargalitsky, useful idiots from Britain and elsewhere).

    3. Thanks for the link to the second report.

      I don't think that there's any continuity between the two conferences. The first one was aimed at useful idiots, the second one - at ultranationalists. Obviously, the first conferences also featured Russian nationalists, but it was less obvious. The organisers, too, were different, as far as I understand.

      Of all the invited, EU-based right-wing extremists to the second conference, I - at the moment - can only confirm the presence of Roberto Fiore.

    4. Nobody looks very happy/ but I wonder if there was a wild party in one of those dilapidated Soviet era Estates above town anyway #wildpost sovietafterparty

  5. Agree and disagree with the last comment.

    Agree that the two conferences were aimed at different audiences. Disagree that they were organized by different people.

    The organizer of both events was the same person/organization: Aleksei Anpilogov and his “Novaya Rus’” organization.

    Conference one, see: http://zavtra.ru/content/view/yaltinskij-manifest/

    (Both organisations, “Osnovaniye” and “Novaya Rus’”, are run by Anpilogov.)

    Conference two, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0qzqv8wGNA

    (Again, it is Anpilogov and “Novaya Rus’” who organized the event.)

    In terms of EU-based fascists/extreme right wingers, Mateusz Piskorski was also there. See report at: http://sevastopol.su/author_page.php?id=65557

    1. You are right!
      And I'm grateful for further details about the conference.

    2. Manifesto in English with list of signatories including Anpilogov: http://www.rogerannis.com/no-to-the-war-in-eastern-ukraine-declaration-of-yalta-crimea-antiwar-conference/

  6. Hi Anton! How are you? Do you know if Foreign Legion are supporting pro-russia rebels in East Ukraine? Thx!!

  7. Anton, I think in the photo 9 than left Tatiana is the leader or former leader of Eurasian Youth!


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