28 August 2014

19/84! Russian and European fascists reverse the 1945 Yalta Conference

Everybody who is following the developments in Ukraine, which is now under a direct attack from Russia, has perhaps noticed that Putin's propaganda machine is joyfully playing with meanings and concepts turning them upside down.

The deliberate confusion that Putin's Russia produces and the inverted concepts it employs have an ideological underpinning: Russia is trying to hide its right-wing extremist attempts to undermine the post-war liberal-democratic order in Europe under the guise of "anti-fascist struggle".

One particular event scheduled for the end of August is especially indicative of this strategy.

On 29-31 August 2014, an international conference called "Russia, Ukraine, New Russia: global problems and challenges" will take place in Yalta, situated in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea currently occupied by Russia. There will be around a hundred of participants, but some of them deserve special attention:

Frank Creyelman (far right Vlaams Belang, Belgium)
Luc Michel (neo-Nazi Parti Communautaire National-Européen, Belgium)
Pavel Chernev (far right Ataka, Bulgaria)
Angel Djambazki (far right Bulgarsko Natsionalno Dvizhenie, Bulgaria)
Erkki Johan Bäckman (neo-Stalinist, Finland)
Márton Gyöngyösi (fascist Jobbik, Hungary)
Giovanni Maria Camillacci (fascist Forza Nuova, Italy)
Roberto Fiore (fascist Forza Nuova, Italy)
Mateusz Piskorski (far right Samooborona, Poland)
Konrad Rękas (far right Samooborona, Poland)
Bartosz Bekier (neo-Nazi Falanga, Poland)
Nick Griffin (fascist British National Party, UK)

The participation of these European right-wing extremists along with dozens of their Russian "comrades" in the conference on "global problems and challenges" implies one simple message:

The Kremlin-led "Fascist International" is going to Yalta to symbolically reverse the results of the Yalta Conference that was held there in 1945 and where the leaders of the anti-Hitler alliance discussed the post-war reorganization of Europe.

In a truly Orwellian fashion, at this conference in Yalta, right-wing extremists from Europe and Russia will take part in the foundation of the "Anti-fascist Council of the Russian Federation".

It's no longer 14/88! - now it's 19/84!


  1. However, the European extreme left continues supporting Putin and even sending him volunteers to fight. Now they cannot allege lack of knowledge. This seems a new Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

    Is there any official page for this event at Yalta?

    ¿What do you know about another strange event that was held in Russia on June?

    In this event, in addition to the European extreme right, it took part the Israeli Likud. Some weeks ago Aymeric Chauprade (FN's responsible for foreign affairs and Russia's No. 1 hooligan) published a polemic article in which supported Israel and called to a war on Islam, with Russia, Israel and USA on the same side.

    1. They only had a Facebook post for the Yalta conference, but it has now been deleted, I don't know exactly why.

      Thanks for the link to the event in June: I haven't heard of it.

  2. Interesting that just last month, far-left had a Yalta conference with similar goal of vilifying Ukraine:
    - "No to the war in eastern Ukraine! Declaration of Yalta, Crimea anti-war conference":

    1. One can't prevent useful idiots from being idiots.

  3. indeed. BOTH SIDES' useful idiots cannot be prevented from publishing their half-truths...
    both sides act like fascists. both sides refer to the other side as fascists and pride themselves on opposing the other side's fascism.
    both sides of the ukrainian battle are tools of the Battle of Emprires which has been playing out for over a hundred years!

    1. Don't talk nonsense. It is Russia that is waging war against Ukraine. It is the Kremlin and its emissaries that are cooperating with European right-wing extremists. It is Putin who - like Hitler and Hussein - is violating all the imaginable international agreements.

      Russia should simply fuck off from Ukraine and let the Ukrainian people decide their future.

  4. Hi, to be more precise Giovani Maria Camillacci is absolutely not tied with Lega Nord (as far as I know) but he's a member of Forza Nuova, the same fascist organization leaded by Roberto Fiore.
    Thanks for your precious work.

    1. Interesting. Can you give any link to Giovanni Maria Camillacci being a member of Forza Nuova?

      Do you think it's him on Photo 11 here? -


  5. Here is a photo of Camillacci with Roberto Fiore in 2013 from the facebook page of "Forza Nuova-Pisa", taken during a trip in Syria, where they were invited by Syrian foreign affair minister. In the text they say Camillacci is a "leader" ("dirigente") of the party: https://www.facebook.com/ForzaNuovaPIsa/posts/481959795206804


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