24 June 2014

Jobbik acknowledges Russian military invasion in Ukraine

Commenting on the planned military cooperation between Visegrád 4 (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and Ukraine, Hungarian far right Jobbik party acknowledged the fact that Russia is directly involved in the "civil war" in Ukraine.

First they blatantly recycle the Russian propagandistic narrative about the "civil war in Ukraine" and the "US involvement", but then they explicitly argue that if the Visegrad 4 military cooperation with Ukraine goes ahead, they would be confronting not pro-Russian separatists, but Russia itself. Thus, Jobbik forgot to follow the Russian line and - in a lucid moment - stated the obvious: It is Russia, rather than pro-Russian separatists, that is behind the chaos in Eastern Ukraine. Thank you, Jobbik - we knew it.

(in the centre) Jobbik's Béla Kovács, possibly a Russian spy, and Gábor Vona, leader of Jobbik in Moscow, December 2008

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