23 July 2013

International neo-Nazis respond to the Pavlo Lapshyn case

Here are some remarks from international neo-Nazis commenting on the earlier report saying that two Ukrainian men had been arrested for mosque bombings (only one has been charged):

This story just further proves how us Brits have had our bollocks cut.... Immigrants attacking mosques for us

Tani (England)
[...] a bomb in a Mosque. What is wrong with that? I LOVE these Easterners! I wish they had put TEN bombs there if it really was them!
Hopefully they can get extradited to Ukraine and Ukraine will let them go

frozenpie77 (Atlanta)
Brits are so brainwashed that they need Ukrainians to stick up for them.
Prayers for the Ukrainians.

Odins Ravens
These are brave men and in a sane society would have been given medals for their bravery, for their attempt to repel the Mohammedan conquest of Europe.

volkssturm (New York)
I say let the Poles and the Ukrainians have the crown jewels in the tower. Let them turn the Undergrund map into Cyrillic. Turn Canterbury into an Orthodox church if they are willing to kick the mohammadans and the rapist terrorists out!

So the English now need Eastern Europeans to step in for them? My God...
Big respect to the two guys who did it, European braves.

germanicgod (USA)
Only white men would put it all on the line for another white country. I would die fighting for the freedom of ANY white country, regardless if I have any connection to it. Respect to these men. They have more honour than ANY negro or Arab scum. It is quite a shame that many English nationalists have fallen in the Zionist trap.

Cyan Sky
I'm not sure how to comment on this one.
Immigrants defending the UK from Islam!
At least the immigrants are White, but they're not English nonetheless.
Again what a crazy story!

cardinal beaton
[...] the key is RACE,not nationality.The race-mixers,in their confused conception of multi-racialism,do not seem to realise that immigration from Eastern Europe is a boon for Racial Nationalists.I look forward to the day that we have an all white Britain and an all white,revitalised Europe.These people can proudly play their part.

Glad to see a European helping out another European country.

Northumbrian (Bradford)
There was a EDL (not that they are pro-white but it hasnt been proved these lot are properly Nationalist rather than just anti-Muslim) demonstration a few weeks ago about Lee Rigby's death, and most attendants were White British. Two Ukrainians doing this doesnt prove they are going to save us, TBH.

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