11 April 2013

Svoboda is no longer an observer in the AENM

At the end of January, I asked Jobbik to clarify the situation with Svoboda's relations to the Alliance of European National Movements.

Clearly, Svoboda could not be a fully-fledged member of the AENM, because Ukraine is not a member of the EU, so the only status a non-EU far-right party can have in the AENM is the observer status. See also here. Yet I wanted an official reply from the party that founded the AENM.

Jobbik did not reply at that time, but today I have finally received a message from them. Here it is:

Bécsi Attila <***@jobbik.hu>
Dear Anton Shekhovtsov,
Swoboda is no longer the member of the AENM because of its anti-Hungarian statements.
Best regards,
Attila Bécsi

The far-right Hungarian web-site Kuruc.info published a letter from Jobbik's Béla Kovács, where he explained why Svoboda's observer status had been terminated.

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  1. Jobbik is so pathetic. They are stupid neo-nazis and fake nationalists.


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