14 January 2013

Alliance of European National Movements today

Here's more evidence that the Ukrainian extreme right Svoboda party is no longer a member of the Alliance of European National Movements.

Although Svoboda claims that Bruno Gollnisch has confirmed Svoboda's membership in the AENM, this seems to be very odd. On the 24th of October, 2012, Gollnisch published an article on his blog, writing on the AENM congress in Hédervár, Hungary. In particular, he writes that the AENM now consists of only (!) four parties:
  • Jobbik (Hungary)
  • Fiamma Tricolore (Italy)
  • British National Party (UK)
  • National Democratic Party (Bulgaria)
However, he also writes that the following individuals are associate members (not representing any political parties):

  • Bruno Gollnisch (France): Front National
  • Jean-Marie Le Pen (France): Front National
  • Bela Kovacs (Hungary): Jobbik
  • Nick Griffin (UK): Britisn National Party
  • Andrew Brons (UK): Britisn National Party
  • Dimitar Stoyanov (Bulgaria): Ataka
  • Maurizio Lupi (Italy): People of Freedom
  • Christian Verougstraete (Belgium): Vlaams Belang
  • Bartosz Jozef Kownacki (Poland): Law and Justice
  • Dailis Alfonsas Barakauskas (Lithuania): Order and Justice
(Party affiliation is given only for reference.)

Both lists differ drastically from the list of the AENM members given by the BNP. The following parties, which presumably were members of the AENM in 2010, have either been excluded from the Alliance or resigned from the group:

  • Front National (FN had resigned from the AENM after Marine Le Pen became President of the party)
  • Svoboda (Ukraine)
  • Republican Social Movement (Spain)
  • Front National (Belgium)
  • National Renovator Party (Portugal)
  • National Democrats (Sweden)
Apart from the French Front National case, I do not know what happened to other parties, which are not members of the AENM anymore, and would be grateful for any additional information.

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