3 June 2010

Roger Griffin's new article translated into Russian

Have translated Roger Griffin's new article "Studying the European Extreme Right: From New Consensus to New Wave?" into Russian language. It's already the third Griffin's article I've translated into Russian so far. See also -

- От слизевиков к ризоме: введение в теорию группускулярной правой (From Slime Mould to Rhizome: An Introduction to the Groupuscular Right)

- Палингенетическое политическое сообщество: переосмысление легитимации тоталитарных режимов в межвоенной Европе (The Palingenetic Political Community: Rethinking the Legitimation of Totalitarian Regimes in Inter-war Europe)

And here is my translation of Griffin's Introduction to his Modernism and Fascism: The Sense of a Beginning under Mussolini and Hitler -

- Модернизм и фашизм. Введение: Aufbruch

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