17 July 2010

Fascist Radicalism and the New Media

Fascist Radicalism and the New Media
17 September 2010, 9.00 a.m. — 5.30 p.m.

Symposium at the University of Northampton, Park Campus
Organised by the Radicalism and New Media group.

Featuring presentations from practitioners and authorities:

- East Midlands Community Contact Unit
- Serious Organised Crime Agency
- Durham Constabulary and NECTU

With panels of academic experts covering:

- New Media and Cyber-terrorism
- The Radical Right in Britain and Europe
- Roundtable Discussion on Fascism and the Internet

Registration fee £25 (£10 concessions)

This one-day symposium will bring together cutting-edge academic research on the contemporary far-right in the UK and Europe with a range of practitioners and enforcement bodies, including presentations by British police, local government and national officials. By focussing upon key areas related to new media technologies (the internet, personal communications devices, portable video, and so on) increasingly employed by the European far-right, from online radicalisation to cyber-terrorism, this event specifically seeks to forge a dialogue between front-line professionals and relevant academic experts. Presentations on security threats posed by extreme right-wing groups; the English Defence League’s use of Facebook; and the evolving far-right music scene, amongst others, will collectively address the relationship between new media technologies and the recent resurgence of the far-right across Britain and Europe. An introductory keynote lecture, concluding roundtable discussion and several panels over the course of the day will thus provide an up-to-date analysis on a fast-changing topic. Registration fee also includes lunch, coffee and conference pack.

For further details, or to register for this event, please contact:

Dr Mathew Feldman (matthew.feldman@northampton.ac.uk) or
Dr Paul Jackson (paul.jackson@northampton.ac.uk)


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