2 November 2012

My articles for openDemocracy so far

My articles for openDemocracy so far -

Ukraine: the far-right in parliament for the first time
1 November 2012
The Parliamentary election in Ukraine has, as expected, returned President Yanukovych’s Party of Regions to power. It has also had one less predicted result: the first election to the country’s parliament of MPs from the ultra nationalist far-right. Anton Shekhovtsov looks at the rise of ‘Svoboda’ (Freedom).

Security threats and the Ukrainian far right
24 July 2012
The rise to political power of the Ukrainian far right party, Svoboda, was recently halted by a new electoral law. But there are further security issues connected to the far right's increasing support that have not been stopped in their tracks.

The West on Ukraine: when ‘anti-racism’ becomes xenophobia
8 June 2012
Condemnation in the British media of racist incidents in Ukraine has moved on from concern into hysteria, says Anton Shekhovtsov. Not only unfair, it does little to encourage those trying to push a progressive agenda within the country.

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