2 May 2014

Nazis and Stalinists thrive on May 1 in Moscow

I share the deep concern expressed by Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the Nazi/Stalinist orgy in Russian cities on the 1st of May:
"The glorification of Hitler along with the glorification of Stalin, slogans of revanchism, xenophobia, intolerance, anti-Semitism and great-power chauvinism - all these dangerous phenomena, which are developing in the Russian Federation against the background of persecution and repression of all manifestations of democracy in the Russian society, are a challenge to civilised humanity."
This is how some Russians celebrated the International Workers' Day on the 1st of May in Moscow:

"Stalin lived! Stalin lives! Stalin will live!"

"We believe in Putin!"
A happy couple with a portrait of Lavrentiy Beria, notorious chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus (NKVD) under Joseph Stalin


  1. Aren't these people the real fascists? Thank you for the insight.

  2. When you say "Nazis" are you referring to people who glorify Hitler and Nazi Germany, or nationalists in general? I got the feeling that Russians were very proud of defeating the fascists (Nazi Germany) during the Great Patriotic War.

    I'm certainly not saying that it's not possible that there are people in Russia now glorifying Hitler and the Nazis, but it would surprise me to see them glorifying both Hitler AND Stalin at the same time. Just curious what you have seen there!

    1. The mysterious Russian soul, you know.

    2. As the russian propaganda says ucranian nationalists are "Nazis", then how should we call the russian nationalists. Patriots?

    3. Hi, if you are interested in learning Russian mentality from inside I welcome you to my new blog about Russian real state of mind.

  3. How ironic; a photo of a young man holding a photo of Beria, secret police chief, while the young man is holding hands with his beautiful girlfriend. if he knew the history of his country he would know that Beria often had his chauffeur cruise the streets of Moscow and he would stop and kidnap and rape beautiful girls like this and then throw them out into the street.


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