4 April 2017

Russia and the Western Far Right: Tango Noir (pre-order)

My forthcoming book Russia and the Western Far Right: Tango Noir is now available for pre-order via Routledge or via several Amazon websites: France, Italy, Spain, UK, Canada, Japan, US, India.


The growing influence on the Western far right has been much discussed in the media recently. This book is the first detailed inquiry into what has been a neglected but critically important trend: the growing links between Russian actors and Western far right activists, publicists, ideologues, and politicians. The author uses a range of sources including interviews, video footage, leaked communications, official statements and press coverage in order to discuss both historical and contemporary Russia in terms of its relationship with the Western far right.

Initial contacts between Russian political actors and Western far right activists were established in the early 1990s, but these contacts were low profile. As Moscow has become more anti-Western, these contacts have become more intense and have operated at a higher level. The book shows that the Russian establishment was first interested in using the Western far right to legitimise Moscow’s politics and actions both domestically and internationally, but more recently Moscow has begun to support particular far right political forces to gain leverage on European politics and undermine the liberal-democratic consensus in the West.

Contributing to ongoing scholarly debates about Russia’s role in the world, its strategies aimed at securing legitimation of Putin’s regime both internationally and domestically, modern information warfare and propaganda, far right politics and activism in the West, this book draws on theories and methods from history, political science, area studies, and media studies and will be of interest to students, scholars, activists and practitioners in these areas.
Table of contents

- Introduction
- Chapter 1. Soviet Russia in the Western Far Right Perspective: Ideology, Collaboration, Active Measures
- Chapter 2. Russia’s Opening to the Western Far Right
- Chapter 3. Putin’s Russia, an Authoritarian Kleptocracy with a Twist
- Chapter 4. Far Right Election Observers in the Service of the Kremlin’s Domestic and Foreign Policies
- Chapter 5. Undermining the West through Mass Media
- Chapter 6. Far Right Structures in Europe as Pro-Moscow Front Organisations
- Chapter 7. The Moscow-Strasbourg-Brussels Axis
- Conclusion

I will also have a website that will feature additional info (photos, texts, etc. that I could not use in the book for various reasons) and a new blog. Stay tuned.

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  1. I don't like to associate myself with the CIA propaganda about American and French politicians being somehow under the control of the Kremlin, but there are some historic ties of Putin with Boris Yeltsin, who was definitely a puppet for the Russian Vlasovites and the Allen Dulles-John Jay McCloy Nazi faction in the U.S. I wouldn't characterize Nazism as "rightwing", as it goes beyond any politics that could be put into the classic context of the National Assembly of the Great French Revolution. See the synopsis of a Dave Emory broadcast with audio archive links, which I've pasted below the link to the synopsis, and below those a link to the second half of a broadcast with the links of Yeltsin to American Nazism:
    Le Pen 1: http://emory.kfjc.org/archive/ftr/000_099/f-080a.mp3
    Le Pen 2: http://emory.kfjc.org/archive/ftr/000_099/f-080b.mp3
    Yeltsin: http://emory.kfjc.org/archive/ftr/400_499/f-465b.mp3


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