8 November 2014

International "observers": Moscow - Rostov - Donetsk

International fake observers of the fake elections in the Donbass arrived in Moscow on the 31st of October and checked in the 5-star Metropol Hotel. They had a late dinner at the hotel restaurant and some of them went for a walk to the Red Square:

Alessandro Bertoldi, member of Forza Italia and "observer" of the terrorist "elections", Moscow, 31 October 2014

Vladimir Djukanovic, member of the Serbian Progressive Party and "observer" of the terrorist "elections", Moscow, 31 October 2014
Those "observers" who would go illegally to Eastern Ukraine, took a morning flight from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don on the 1st of November and then travelled by bus from there to the Russian town of Kuybyshevo, right on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Two possible ways of getting from Rostov-on-Don to Kuybyshevo
The "observers" arriving to the Russia-Ukraine border in Kuybyshevo
At the border, (pro-)Russian extremists put armed escorts into the buses of "observers" and then they crossed the border. None of them passed any official Ukrainian border control.

(Pro-)Russian extremists' armed escort on the way from Kuybyshevo to Donetsk
They arrived in Donetsk and checked in the Ramada Hotel.

International "observers" and terrorists of the "Donetsk People's Republic" at the Ramada Hotel, Donetsk, 1 November 2014
US "observer" Srđa Trifković's room at the Ramada Hotel, Donetsk
On the same day, the "observers" were introduced to the leadership of the terrorist organisation "Donetsk People's Republic" and issued with "international observer" cards.

Member of the extreme right Ataka party Georgi Sengalevich's card of an international "observer"
Some of them met with French/Serbian Eurasianist fighters:

Manuel Ochsenreiter, editor of the far right Zuerst! journal (far left), and Dragana Trifkovic, director of the Belgrade Centre of Strategic Research (far right), with French/Serbian Eurasianists fighting against Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine
On the 2nd of November, international "observers" began their work of "legitimising" illegal, fake elections held by (pro-)Russian extremists. Not all of them did their work in Ukraine, however. Adrienn Szaniszló of the extreme right Jobbik party, for example, stayed in the Rostov region to observe the "elections" there.

Adrienn Szaniszló (in the centre) at the "polling station" in the Rostov region, Russia, 2 November 2014

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