3 August 2013

On Aleksandr Dugin's father

I remember that, in 2009, I was the first to challenge a wide-spread assumption, or actually a myth, that Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin's father had something to do with the military intelligence. This myth was most likely propagated by Dugin himself, in order to romanticise his own biography.

An hour of simple research, however, revealed that Dugin's father was a customs officer.

I did not know that - after I had publicised my "discovery" on the web - Dugin published, in 2010, a biography on his own web-site saying that his father was indeed a customs officer.

Russian and English Wikipedia pages on Dugin, however, still say that his father was a "colonel-general of the Soviet military intelligence". I tried to edit the Russian page and remove the reference to the military intelligence, but someone persistently rolled back my edits. I was only successfull in adding the information on the customs service to the "military intelligence" reference. So no, in Russian, it reads that Dugin's father was a "colonel-general of the Soviet Main Intelligence Directorate" and "worked in the Russian customs academy". Brilliant.

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