12 July 2013

Ultranationalist activist "Mike Shelby" aka Michael Chtcherbitski

A few days ago, my colleagues, who write on Ukrainian ultranationalism, and I received the following message:

Dear XXX,

Svoboda (Freedom) Party in Ukraine is not a right-wing extremist neo-Nazi anti-Semitic party. It advances the interests of true Ukrainian sovereignty and opposes Russia's domination of Ukraine and Russification of Ukraine (linguistically, religiously and culturally). Svoboda Party supports the legitimate interests of ethnic minorities in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine on the basis that ethnic minorities support Ukraine's sovereignty and act in its interests.Keep in mind that historically Jews as an ethnic minority in Ukraine predominantly supported foreign rule in Ukraine, not Ukraine's independence (sovereignty). Jews predominantly served the interests of foreign occupiers and oppressors of the Ukrainian nation (Russians and Poles) and did not support the Ukrainian Liberation Movement.

Now Jews in Ukraine promote Russian domination in Ukraine more than Ukraine's sovereignty judging by the actions of Jewish oligarchs and politicians in Ukraine.

It's wrong to call valid truthful criticism of Jews anti-Semitism.


Mike Shelby
A simple Google search reveals that "Mike Shelby" is actually Michael Chtcherbitski, a Canadian national of Ukrainian extraction.

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