23 June 2012

Son's love for Anthony Hancock

Searchlight's Editor Gerry Gable posted a blog message about the death of Anthony Hancock, "chief printer to the British and international far right, safe-houser of international Nazis with links to terrorism and long-time police asset in the non-political criminal underworld".

Hancock's son, Robert, showed up in the comments to the message and expressed his discontent with the "tone" of the article. In particular, he wrote:

I have never held any of my fathers political beliefs, but he was still my father and for all of his faults I do love him.

Earlier today, Anthony Hancock's friend shared some memories of his last days:

What is little known is the fact that Tony was thrown out of the family home some time last year and he was sleeping on the concrete floor of the Print Factory throughout the Winter with only a sleeping bag. This may have contributed to a deterioration in his health. He told me he was staying in a room in a friend's house but this proved another example of his male pride. He was suffering all along on a concrete floor under freezing conditions. He was also a diabetic and this would have affected his circulation and blood sugar levels adversely.

When I asked Tony's son, Robert, (during Tony's hospitalisation) whether he would have him back in the family home he remarked, "Me and mum won't have him back".
The curtain falls.

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