13 November 2009

Online Ukrainian libraries

For those of you who are interested in Ukraine, I would suggest several online libraries that feature both Ukrainian books and academic works on Ukrainian history, politics, society, religion, etc.

- Litera - Electronic Library (books in PDF and DJVU)
- Malorussian People's Historical Library (books in DJVU and PDF)
- Izbornyk (books in HTML)
- Library of the Institute of History of Ukraine (books in PDF)
- Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature of the University of Toronto (books in PDF and HTML)

As some of the books are available in DJVU, you may need to download and install necessary plugins or software.

Although the libraries feature books in different languages, their interface is in Ukrainian or Russian for the most part. I assume this should not be a problem.

By the way, here is the archive of The Ukrainain Weekly. All the issues (1933-today) are available in PDF.

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