15 October 2015

The far right "March of Heroes" in Kyiv, Ukraine (photo report)

A number of Ukrainian far right organisations, in particular, the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" (Svoboda) and Right Sector, took part in the "March of Heroes" held in Ukraine's capital Kyiv on 14 October. The march was dominated by harsh anti-government and nationalist rhetoric.

Far right activists and their supporters rally on the Mykhailivska Square for a meeting before starting the march

White supremacists spotted

"Our country - our rules", a banner of Svoboda's youth wing "Sokil" (Falcon) featuring the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel

Activists of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists with traditional nationalist red-black flags

Starting the march, activists of the Right Sector with their red-black flags

The leadership of Svoboda (Oleh Tyahnybok, Andriy Illenko) and Right Sector accompanied by a priest

"Freedom to the Defenders of the Constitution!!!", the banner refers to a number of members of Svoboda arrested by the Ukrainian authorities

Activists of the Right Sector, most likely the participants of the Right Sector volunteer battalion

Far right activists carrying the pictures of their arrested associates

"Autonomous nationalists"

Former MP Andriy Mokhnyk, a prominent member of Svoboda, and Oleksiy Byk, a member of the Right Sector

A bizarre racist activist

The far right rally by the detention center where some of their associates are held

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